The Treble Almanack 1814

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ISBN: 1-84630-313-3
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John Watson Stewart, The Gentleman's and Citizen's Almamack for the Year 1814, to give its full title the Treble Almanacs are three books in one: John Watson Stewart's Almanac for the year, principally Irish information. Everything that there is to know about Ireland in 1814, from schools to army lists, mail and stage coaches, farming, Sunday schools, and so on. An immense amount of information. The English Court Registry, which includes all of the major people from the King, to Members of Parliament, Lords, Officers in the Navy and Army, etc. Wilson's Dublin Directory, which contains a complete list of streets, lanes, alleys, etc. and a very comprehensive list of merchants and traders, extending to around 200 pages for Dublin alone. The publication was continued each year until the early nineteenth century.


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