Pettigrew & Oulton, Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland (1845)

photo of Pettigrew & Oulton, Dublin Almanac & General Register of Ireland (1845)

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Ref: IE0002
ISBN: 1-84630-001-0
Pages: 977
Size: 106.89 MB

What is inside?

This publication contains two major components. The first half of the book is a general register of all officials and administrative offices in Ireland, including fairs, the postal service, the legal establishment, peerage and precedence, the church, banks, colleges, railways, and listings of all official for every county and town in Ireland. This section continues with essential information about the British Empire. The second section of the book is a comprehensive Dublin Directory, including an alphabetical directory (every street, house number, and householder's name, with occupation), a street directory, a trades directory, and a directory of all public institutions and religions in the city. The book finishes with the annals of Dublin City from earliest times.


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