John Roby, Traditions of Lancashire, Volume II, 1930

photo of John Roby, Traditions of Lancashire, Volume II, 1930

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Ref: IE5124
ISBN: 1-84630-584-5
Pages: 559
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Published in London and New York in 1930 by Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd., and republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom is the second series of John Roby's Traditions of Lancashire. Originally published in 1831, this second series prove to be an excellent companion to the first series originally published in 1829 and republished in 1928. Born on Wigan in 1793, John Roby began his career as a banker in Rochdale, but by the early 1820s was consumed by his passion for collecting stories. This led to his publication of the first series of The Traditions of Lancashire, which proved to be extremely influential and a huge hit with the British upper classes. Due to the book's popularity it was quickly followed in 1831 with this publication of a second series of Traditions. Continuing in the same vein as the first series this second series contains another eighteen stories, again accompanied by engravings. As an added bonus the 1930 edition of the second series contained a further three stories which were published in 1853 in "Legendary and Political Remains" after the author's death. For any one who has a copy of the first series of Roby's Traditions this is an essential follow up.


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