Little Saxham Parish Registers 1559-1850, 1901

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The parish of Little Saxham in Suffolk is situated close the Bury St.Edmunds. The complete registers for the church are published in this volume and consist of over 2,000 entries of baptisms, marriages and burials. But the volume contains far more, including: - Church Briefs 1698-1733 (lists of charitable collections) - Monumental Inscriptions in the church - Monumental inscriptions in the graveyard - Lost inscriptions - Taxpayers in 1327 - Jurymen in 1341 - Poll Tax payers 1381 - Taxpayers 1522 - Hearth Tax payers 1670 - Thingoe Hundred taxes, 1454 - Ecclesiastical returns 1603 - Subscribers to the Suffolk ship - Will and IPM of Thomas Lucas, 1531 - IPM Elizabeth Crofts 1520 - Will and IPM Sir John Crofts 1558 - Particulars of the Manor 1788 This is followed by an extensive history of the Lucas and then the Crofts families, sucessive owners of the manor of Little Saxham. Lastly the volume reprints a survey of Little Saxham in 1638 which gives copious details about the village, parish and its inhabitants.


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