John Potter Briscoe, Nottinghamshire Facts and Fictions, 1876

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Published in 1876 Nottinghamshire Facts and Fictions describes itself as a miscellany of "Curious manners and customs, legends, traditions and anecdotes; and demonology, witchcraft and miscellaneous superstitions". Collected and edited by John Potter Briscoe, the Principal Librarian of the Nottingham Free Public Libraries, this volume is a collection of some of the weird and wonderful, true and untrue stories about Nottinghamshire. Part I of the books deals with Curious Manners and Customs, including such things as Plough Bullocks, the Ancient Mode of Electing Nottingham Mayors, Butchers' Serenades. Matrimonial Customs and Cock Fighting. Part II covers the Legends, Traditions and Anecdotes, covering topios like Shelford Men and their Velvet Collars, Why Dunblain Chapel was Erected and some Jottings about Byron. The final part of the books deals with Demonology, Withcraft and Miscellaneous Superstitions including a Contest with the Devil near Nottingham, cures for various ailments, and horse shoes. Folklore and tradition play an enormous role in communites and this publication throws light on some of the beliefs and customs of the community of Nottingham. And whoever knew a dog could play such a crucial role in the cure of hooping cough in children?


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