A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory, and Almanack, Vol. 1, 1836

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Ref: IET0016
ISBN: 1-84630-015-0
Pages: 221
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What is inside?

This is the first volume of this series, which continued annual publication for much of the nineteenth century. This volume contains a complete registry of all Church officials, and the hierarchy throughout the world. However for Irish research, arguably the most important section is the Ecclesiastical Register of Ireland. This is a diocese by diocese tour of the country, detailing what parishes were operational, and who were the priests and curates for each parish. This is especially important for genealogical researchers trying to determine what parish registers may survive. The volume also contains an account of the state of Catholicism in Ireland, which is an important official overview at a time of great change. The book also contains a general calendar or Almanack giving details of the official religious observance for the year.


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