Bassett's Louth Guide & Directory 1886

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Ref: IET0024
ISBN: 1-84630-079-7
Pages: 423
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What is inside?

Bassett's County Louth is both a directory and a guide to the entire county in 1886. It is one of the most important sources published for late nineteenth century Louth, recording details (addresses and occupations) for around 10,000 people in the county. It contains 421 pages of detailed information, as well as an excellent full colour map. The book begins with the history, economy, geology and social life of the county. This is followed by a full directory for every town and village, giving the names and details for all office-holders, professionals, merchants and tradesmen, as well as a full alphabetical directory of farmers and other residents not listed by trade. There is a detailed introduction to each town and village, with information about the economy, history, religion, railways, post, and general character of the place. It includes an extended treatment for Drogheda and Dundalk, as well as entries for 51 other towns and villages. The book finishes with an index of places, a list of fairs and markets, and includes many commercial advertisements.


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