Kenny's Irish manufacturers' directory, 1919

photo of Kenny's Irish manufacturers' directory, 1919

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Ref: IET0044
ISBN: 1-84630-043-6
Pages: 385
Size: 374.41 MB

What is inside?

Kevin Kenny’s Manufacturers’ Directory is an exceptionally rare and unusual book. While he includes an exceptionally detailed directory of all businesses throughout the country from ‘Abdominal Belt’ to ‘Zinc Ware’ manufacturers, he includes much more besides. The book contains the most complete directory of local and national press at that time, which he includes to assist businesses to advertise their products and services. It also includes copious industrial statistics for the country, a complete list of Irish Trade Marks registered, and other details. However, almost half the book is devoted to an analysis of all branches of Irish industry, manufactures and agriculture. From ‘Altar Candles’ to ‘Woollens’ Kenny gives his assessment of the opportunities for development. The book is prefaced with a clarion call for reconstruction of the Irish economy in the wake of World War One, with Kenny’s own analysis of the enormous potential for industrial growth.


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