The 1831 Tithe Defaulters

by Stephen McCormac

photo of The 1831 Tithe Defaulters

Ref: ENEC007
ISBN: 0-9537557-7-0
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Irish Records Index, Vol. 4

What is inside?

The records compiled in this CD-ROM are the most important evidence we have of the people involved in the infamous Tithe War 1831-38. All occupants of land were required to pay an annual tithe (or religious tax) of 10% of the agricultural produce generated by that holding. This money was demanded from all landholders, irrespective of their religion, and was paid directly to the official state church, the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church of Ireland. However, in 1831 many people refused to pay this tithe, and so started the Tithe War, which was fiercest in the southeast. The names that appear on this CD are of those people recorded by the Church of Ireland clergy who refused to pay their tithe. The CD contains all personal details from the original files, as well as copious information about the parishes that the people resided in. The people most affected by the Tithe War are precisely those most affected by emigration and the famine in the next generation. It includes: * Details of nearly 30,000 individual defaulters * Addresses, occupations and all other details about the defaulters appearing on the original record * Complete records for 232 parishes * Full text of every application to the Clergy Relief Fund * Help files and detailed introduction.


1 month ago

Is there any mention of John Thomas Harvey, wife Mary Rafter*maiden name*, county Laois, he was born @1811

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