The Reformed Church of Ireland (1537-1886). 1886

by J.T. Ball

photo of The Reformed Church of Ireland (1537-1886). 1886


Ref: IE0412
ISBN: 978-1-84630-669-8
Pages: 376
Size: 94.72 MB

What is inside?

The Reformation movement under Henry VIII had ramifications for the church in Ireland as much as it had for the church in England. The schism created between Rome and the church in England was to have a lasting effect. Ball’s work is an examination of these effects 350 years after the legislation was brought in under Henry VIII. The author examines the nature of the legislation, the circumstances connected with it and the incidents in the subsequent history of the Church. This publication is a concise examination of a tumultuous period in the history of the church in Ireland and readers will find Ball’s critique of great interest.


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