The History of the Irish Nation. 1876

by M.F. Cusack

photo of The History of the Irish Nation. 1876


Ref: IE0417
ISBN: 978-1-84630-674-4
Pages: 956
Size: 333.21 MB

What is inside?

Following on from her publications of the histories of Counties Kerry and Cork is another contribution from the prolific author and historian Sr. Mary Francis Cusack (Margaret Ann Cusack 1829-1899). This time focusing on the history of the entire country. At nearly 1,000 pages this is a comprehensive study of Ireland from Pre-Christian times right up to Daniel O’Connell. As with Cusack’s other works the scope is wide ranging, as well as just dealing with historical fact she also studies the authenticity of primary sources and discusses the importance of America to Ireland, amongst other topics. This is an extensive and interesting publication and is a valuable tool for anyone researching Irish history.


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