The Fair Hills of Ireland, 1914

by Stephen Gwynn (with illustrations by Hugh Thomson)

photo of The Fair Hills of Ireland, 1914


Ref: IE0437
ISBN: 978-1-84630-694-9
Pages: 431
Size: 107.10 MB

What is inside?

This publication was created by the same team behind Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim, 1899, Stephen Gwynn and Hugh Thomson. Gwynn was a renowned Irish journalist, biographer, politician and travel writer, and in tandem with the illustrator Thomson, they created some of the most wonderful collections on Ireland. Gwynn states that this volume was produced “in praise of Ireland”, with their aim being “to represent by typical instances Ireland as a whole”. Much of the country is covered, the Boyne Valley, Armagh, Sligo, Tara, Athlone, Aughrim, Clonmacnoise, Clare, Limerick, Cashel and Dublin Bay, accompanied by some wonderful illustrations. This volume is a fantastic addition to the travel writings on Ireland.


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