Life in Old Dublin, 1913

by James Collins

photo of Life in Old Dublin, 1913


Ref: IE0440
ISBN: 978-1-84630-697-3
Pages: 241
Size: 41.83 MB

What is inside?

Written by Dubliner James Collins and published in 1913, this is a unique and fascinating view of historical Dublin. Its full title is Life in Old Dublin, Historical Associations of Cook Street, Three Centuries of Dublin Printing, Reminiscences of a Great Tribune. The book jumps between different locations in Dublin, many that no longer survive, covering events, places, people. One example is the location of The Croppies’ Acre and who is buried there. Over 15 pages is given over to the history of printing in Dublin. The Great Tribune mentioned is Isaac Butt, who the author knew personally, and the final part of the book is given over to him.


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