Memoirs of Captain Rock, Fifth Edition, 1824

by Captain Rock (Thomas Moore)

photo of Memoirs of Captain Rock, Fifth Edition, 1824


Ref: IE0449
ISBN: 978-1-84630-706-6
Pages: 386
Size: 16.24 MB

What is inside?

Captain Rock was the name given to a mythical Irish hero and to agrarian rebels operating in Ireland in the 1820s. In this publication, famed Irish poet, Thomas Moore adopts the persona of Captain Rock to make the case that the actions of the English government in Ireland were the direct cause and a justification for Irish Catholic agrarian violence in Ireland. The first part of the book is a history of the Rock family in Ireland, essentially a telling of the atrocities committed by the English in Ireland. The second part of the book is a contemporary account of “Captain Rock” and the actions of the agrarian rebels, Rockites, in Ireland in the early part of the 19th Century. The rebels were responsible for a widespread campaign of murder, violence and intimidation, which Moore argues was the direct result of policies enacted in Ireland to protect a rich Protestant minority.


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