The Lives of Illustrious Irishmen Vol VI Part II, 1847

by James Willis

photo of The Lives of Illustrious Irishmen Vol VI Part II, 1847


Ref: IE471
ISBN: 978-1-84630-728-7
Pages: 277
Size: 169.30 MB

What is inside?

Published in 12 parts over 6 volumes, Willis’ work is a vast collection of biographical notices of some of the most notable Irish figures in history. Volume VI Part II was published in 1847. This is the concluding part of the series. This volume begins with the conclusion of the section from the previous volume concerning Mary Tighe (1774-1814) with James Barry being the next subject worthy of description thus concluding the literary series. The remaining political, ecclesiastical and literary series of this volume include sections on the Right Hon. William Saurin, William Magee (Archbishop of Dublin) and Edward Hill (Regius Prof. of Medicine). The parts are being made available here as they appear in the bound versions.


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