Ulster Journal of Archaeology Volume II, 1896

by Various contirbutors

photo of Ulster Journal of Archaeology Volume II, 1896


Ref: IE0472
ISBN: 978-1-84630-729-5
Pages: 299
Size: 89.26 MB

What is inside?

The second volume of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology begins with a section concerning maps of Carrickfergus by W.M. Swanston. The journal is divided into four parts and each part contains miscellanea, notes and queries and reviews of books. The subject matter of articles written by various contributors include Ulster settlers in America and specifically their services in the American Revolution (1765-1783), Druidical sacrifices in Ireland and whether there were human victims, prehistoric remains from Lough Erne, Plantation castles in Ulster and the Spanish Armada in Ulster and Connacht. This publication is a very good source of information on a wide range of topics that would help provide a contextual basis for family history research.


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