Irish Lives Remembered Issue 38 November 2017

Irish Lives Remembered

What is inside?

This edition features some amazing articles covering a huge range of subjects from some outstanding contributors. Included is the controversial topic of Viking settlement in Connaught, policing and martial law in Ireland in the 18th to early 20th Century, the records of the Irish Grants Committee, Patrick Joseph D'Arcy and his execution by the IRA in 1921, Irish Medals of Honor and the American Civil War, US Civil War Photographer Mathew B. Brady, 2nd Lieutenant George Mitchell and the relief of Kut (Iraq), using DNA to restore a soldier's identity, historic Sept and personal family links between Laois and Kerry, the surname of Murphy, books reviews, Justin Trudeau's Irish ancestry and dating a photograph.


3 years ago

About Irish Lives Remembered do you have any information about my Dads first cousin, (My second Cousin) George Gilmore who was involved in the Easter rising as one of their leaders, and was imprisioned but escaped and also got 19 of his mates to escape only I think one was ever re-caught. Please email me what you have about George Gilmore. Regards, Heather Graham

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