The Antiquities and History of Ireland, 1705

by Sir James Ware

photo of The Antiquities and History of Ireland, 1705


Ref: IE0474
ISBN: 978-1-84630-731-7
Pages: 874
Size: 345.27 MB

What is inside?

Published in 1705, this is the first complete version of this volume published in English. Ware was a trailblazing Irish scholar; translating, writing, editing and publishing numerous historical volumes. He was also a member of the King’s Privy Council in Ireland and staunch supporter of the Duke of Ormond. This publication combines several of Ware’s works in one place, his study of antiquities of Ireland, an account of the Prelates of Ireland, his annals of Ireland, and a piece on writers of Ireland. Ware’s work is amongst the earliest and most notable pieces of research on the history of Ireland.


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