Behind the scenes in the National Library’s Genealogy Room: Group Visit.

Tuesday 2nd August was a busy busy day in the Genealogy Advisory Service at the NLI.  As well as the usual complement of visitors from home and abroad, we also had a group of students from New York University booked for 3.30pm in to meet and get advice from our genies. They had been prepared prior to the visit with information packs and were ready to start on serious research for their ancestors.

As part of Part of the NLI’s series Genealogy at Lunchtime, in association with Eneclann and the Irish Family History Centre, Paul McCotter delivered a well attended talk on Territory Maps & Genealogy.   Many of the attendees then crossed the hall to visit the advisory service and use the resources provided there.

Immediately after the arrival of the group of NYU Students, another U.S. group of students arrived with their leader. This group were from the University of Oregon.  Kay Caball spoke to the students, giving them an overview of the genealogy resources available  and arranged with their leader that they would return the following morning. She also encouraged them to have as much information as possible about their Irish roots before they started on their research.  They were a very enthusiastic bunch, some had a lot of information already, others were going to text home overnight to parents/grandparents for any facts that would help them.  Each student got an information pack to guide them

Group of Students from the University of Oregon

Group of Students from the University of Oregon, listening to Kay Caball, giving an
overview of the resources available at the Genealogy Advisory Service in the Library.

Noel Jenkins discussing with Group Leader Lydia Witt and some of her NYU students
Noel Jenkins discussing with Group Leader Lydia Witt and some of her NYU students, while others beavered on the computers at the free resources available to them.

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