Surname Certificates at the Irish Family History Centre


Show off your Irish roots with an Irish Family History Centre surname poster - also the perfect gift idea for friends and family interested in family history! The poster can be ordered in digital format (PDF), or as a high-quality A4 print-out.

Poster includes birth and household statistics from 19th century Ireland, an Irish translation of the name, and the county with the highest number of individuals with your surname.

We currently have 14 Irish surnames available, with many more names to follow. Let us know in the comments what surnames you would like to see!


To view the available collection see our online store here:


By Caitlin Bain


Would you please explain why all the samples are QUINN. I was looking to view RYAN.

5 months ago

Hi Geraldene we just used the one sample to show what it looks like and what information would be included.

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