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Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook (Irish Times, 1917)

What is inside?

The Rebellion Handbook was published by the Irish Times in 1917, and is based on articles carried in the Irish Times in May 1916. The handbook provides a fascinating insight into the Easter rising. It is one of the key sources and contains a wealth of information, including an official list of casualties, names of prisoners, photographs and a map showing the key locations in Dublin. The handbook contains 308 pages of information. It includes: * facsimiles of documents * articles from the Irish Times * photographs of principal rebels and government & security personnel * a detailed account of the events in Dublin and around the country * detailed list of buildings destroyed * official and rebel documents * names and personal details of 1,306 casualties (including 300 deaths) from army, navy, RIC, DMP, civilians and rebels. * full account of court martial hearings and execution of 15 rebels * names, addresses and occupations of over 3,000 rebels arrested and interned. * a detailed Whos Who of the people of the time. * full court details of the Casement trial. and much much more. It remains one of the most detailed accounts of the rising, and is an essential resource for those studying the people and events of this tumultuous event.

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