Eve Parnell on RTE’s A Living Word..

Eve Parnell on RTE's A Living Word

A Living Word is RTE Radio 1′s long-standing two-minute daily meditation, broadcast Monday to Friday each week.

A Living Word is RTE Radio show

Listen to hear Eve’s thoughts on the folklore and mythology surrounding St. Bridget – one of Ireland’s patron saints. Although Bridget is an ancient figure, she is recognised by several traditions; she spans many cultures and many of the ‘old ways’ associated with St. Bridget are still practised in Ireland.

Artist Eve Parnell paints a picture of the primavera on these podcasts,

February 1st 2016

February 2nd 2016:

February 3rd 2016

February 4th 2016

February 5th 2016

You can View all Eve’s podcasts here:


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