Hire Us FAQs (Genealogy).

Commissioning Research.

Book an appointment to talk with one of our experts. Tell them what you know, and what you hope to accomplish. Our experts will listen to you, ask questions, consider the evidence, and develop a research plan to meet your requirements and budget.

You need to know the name of the person you want to trace, the name of their father/ parents, and the date/ year, and place of their birth, marriage or death. Any extra information is helpful. Tell our experts what you know, and they will advise if it’s enough to begin.

We achieve the best results when we work together! Trust the expert assigned to you, and don’t keep anything back. It’s amazing how even the smallest piece of information can help to solve a case.

  • Tell us what you know about the ancestor you want to start from; their parents and siblings; spouse and children.
  • Let us know the earliest documents you have.
  • Show us even the unusual stuff – keep-sakes, letters/ telegrammes, artefacts.
  • Tell us if you have an undocumented family story you’d like to explore.
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve.

You tell us where and when you want us to start. We can trace your Irish immigrant ancestor(s) back to 1841 in the U.K.; or the 1850s in the U.S. or Canada. Once we identify a county of origin in Ireland, we can focus our efforts in Irish records.

This is something you decide at the start. Our experts take all factors into account:

  • Your starting information
  • Your budget
  • Your time-frame

and draw up a robust research plan to achieve your goals.

This varies based on your knowledge of your family history, the records available to us, and of course, a little bit of luck. 

Our experts can trace almost all families in Ireland back to the 1830s. Before 1830 we have to assess case-by-case, what research is possible.

Each research commission we take on is a bespoke service. The cost will depend on several factors, such as time-frame, your budget, starting point and any objectives you may have. We encourage you to talk to us about your needs and we can quote you a direct price when you contact us here.

From the first appointment, to presenting our research findings and answering your questions, all research is usually completed within 8 to 10 weeks.

Research can be completed in a shorter time frame, but this will be charged at a premium.

A complete dossier of all relevant documents found during research, and a chance to put questions to the genealogist that worked on your family history.

Many people find it useful to book a thirty minute online consultation prior to departure from their home country to help them plan their trip to Ireland. You may even discover your ancestor’s townland or their ancestral home before your trip!