Expert Workshop in the National Library October.

In October 2016 our Expert speaker is Brian Hollinshead

Brian Hollinshead

Mapping townlands and other boundaries old and new.

Date: October 15th

Time: 2:00pm

Venue: National Library of Ireland


Brian will describe the OpenStreetMap Resource with particular reference to the related task, now complete, of tracing by hand the 60,000+ Townlands, by dedicated volunteers and the useful townland database with individual maps. He will give an overview of the OpenStreetMap Project including:

He will also show how to view the map, search for features, print a map image and download a link to share the image you are viewing with a colleague.


Brian has had an interest in local maps for many years including using and later drawing orienteering maps. In 2006 he co-ordinated the Irish orienteering clubs, to collect over 1,000 paper Irish orienteering maps, subsequently donated to the Glucksman map Library in Trinity College.

Nine years ago he became a mapping contributor to the volunteer driven OpenStreetMap resource. From this he has developed a particular interest in researching and mapping historic and modern boundaries of many kinds as well as used and disused burial grounds.

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