Joseph Kearney b. ca. 1698.

Joseph Kearney was Barack Obama’s 7x great-grandfather. This pedigree chart shows his wife, sibling, and nephew. Read on for further information on some of these individuals.

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Joseph Kearney 
Joseph was probably born circa 1698. He was buried 20th Jan. 1791 ‘aged 93 years’ in Shinrone, Co. Offaly.

Cicerly Kearney (?)
She was buried on 21 Nov 1769 in Shinrone

Michael Kearney
Michael was Master of the Guild of Barber Surgeons, 1726 and died in 1762.

John Kearney
John was baptised in 1741 in Church of Ireland parish church of St Andrews Dublin. He was Provost of Trinity College Dublin between 1799 and1806, and Bishop of Ossory from 1806.

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