Latest News Digest: Feb 2017.

Chinese family of 500 reunite for supersize group photo

Members of the Ren clan gather in eastern china for portrait to commemorate the completion of detailed family tree


IHTA towns of Early Modern, Gaelic and Plantation origins are now available online


We welcome Limerick woman Ruth Negga’s Oscar nomination for her role as Mildred Loving.


New releases from the Irish Military History archives shows the 1920s ideological battle for the soul of Ireland, as medics and chaplains disagreed about the appropriate treatment of venereal disease.


UCD research project documents the cultural experiences of growing up Protestant


DNA Study by the Royal College of Surgeons and the University of Edinburgh proves that Irish Travellers are descended from the earliest Irish settlers, but have lived apart from the main settled Irish community for ca. 500 years.


Traveller groups welcome findings of DNA project: Pavee Point director says dispelling the ‘Famine myth’ was most important outcome

Thinker, Talker, Soldier, Spy – Wild Bill Donovan


What links the town of Carrickmacross in county Monaghan and Trenchtown Jamaica?


We all feel stronger when we’re part of a tapestry: research suggests knowing our family histories makes us more healthy emotionally.

The Irish Times offered a glimpse into the past: the travelling dentist on fair-day in 1940s Ireland


Out of many, one people. Photos of Jamaica in the 1890s.


DNA technology has changed genealogy a lot – but also not much


Ireland’s population will grow to pre-famine levels in the next 20 years


It’s a record! Six Galway siblings all reach 100


Song School Workshops at Heritage Centre, Kells

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