Summer talks at the National Library of Ireland 2016 .

Talks in the Genealogy Room, NLI, Kildare St., at 1pm  every Tuesday and Thursday,Commencing Tuesday 26th July, concluding Thursday 8th September.



Curated by Fiona Fitzsimons of the Irish Family History Centre, the Summer Talks @NLIreland features a glorious gallimaufry of guest speakers exploring aspects of Irish Family History.

Sinead McCoole

Mná – 25 years of searching – lessons & leads

Date: July 26th

Time: 1.00pm 




Dermot Bolger 

A reading from his new novel – The Lonely Sea and Sky, followed by a talk.

Date: July 28th

Time 1.00pm



Paul McCotter 

Territory, maps and genealogy

Date: August 2nd

Time: 1.00pm 


Fiona Fitzsimons

Explorations in Irish genealogy.

Date: August 4th

Time: 1.00pm


Liam Breen ( signed talk) 

Cormac Leonard (interpreter)

A history of Deaf culture in Ireland

Date: August 9th

Time: 1.00pm


Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

“The selkie’s skin” : How Irish oral traditions preserve family and local history

Date: August 11th

Time: 1:00PM


Eleanor Fitzsimons 

Wilde’s women: How Oscar Widle was shaped by the women in his life.

Date: August 16th

Time: 1.00PM 



Damien Shiels

The Forgotten Irish: Revealing the voices of Irish 19th Century Emigrants

Date: August 18th

Time: 1.00PM


U.S. Ambassador O’Malley 

Irish American identity: How do we sustain the people to people links between Ireland and the United States?

Date: August 23rd

Time: 1.00PM


Aoife O’ Connor

Seen ? Heard ? Records of children in Nineteenth Century Ireland

Date: August 25th

Time: 1.00PM


Clodagh Tait

“The Simple annals of my parish poor”: stories from parish registers

Date: August 30th

Time: 1.00PM


Nora White

Ogham Stones: Our earliest genealogical sources

Date: September 1st

Time: 1.00PM


Joe Buggy

Ten free websites for U.S. genealogy research.

Date: Sept 6th

Time: 1.00PM



prof. Dan Bradley 

Adventures in ancient DNA: Who were the first Irish?

Date: September 8th

Time: 1:00pm

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