Summer Talks in the National Library of Ireland 2016: Fiona Fitzsimons, Explorations in Irish Genealogy.

Title: Explorations in Irish Genealogy

The idea for this talk came from a conversation with a first time visitor to the genealogy service in the National Library. He took up history late in life because he thought “it wasn’t for the likes of us.” Genealogy is not a luxury reserved for the great and good – it’s a simple tool with practical applications.

Fiona Fitzsimons takes a look at how genealogy can help you save money; improve your social network faster than Facebook; and can literally save lives.


Fiona Fitzsimons is a co-­founder of Eneclann, and the Irish Family History Centre at EPIC. Since 1996 she has led the Eneclann research team, and established their work as a benchmark in family history in Ireland and internationally. From 2012 to the present, Fiona has hosted the popular Summer Talks series in the National Library of Ireland

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