Tracing my Irish Ancestry: My Journey Home to Ireland.

Tourism Ireland has made a short video about Irish-American blogger Gerry Britt’s ancestral search in Ireland. It’s an emotional watch as Gerry recalls how his mission to uncover his Irish roots began and watching his excitement as he tracks down the exact house and town where his ancestors lived.

Uncovering heritage and drawing up a family tree is a rewarding and addictive undertaking that can change lives. With an estimated 70 million people worldwide claiming Irish roots, it’s no surprise that so many genealogical journeys end up in Ireland. This new video recalls one such search from its inception all the way through to its heartwarming conclusion.

Tourism Ireland’s 95-second video is now on YouTube and available to share online and across social media where there is consistent interest in genealogy and where news about Irish connections among celebrities and prominent figures is a common occurrence.




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