Your Ancestor’s Details

Note that by ‘ancestor’ we mean the person you want us to trace your family history back from. We will assume when we write the research strategy that you want us to research the generations that came before this ancestor. As an example, if you provide us with your grandmother’s details, we will research any missing information about your grandmother and then go back to your great-grandparents and so on.

Please be as full as possible. For example, if your ancestor had middle names or nicknames (e.g. Bedelia for Bridget, Nelly as a diminutive for Eleanor or Elizabeth) make sure you include these as well. If your ancestor was a married woman, please give both her maiden name and her married name if you know them.

Please give as much information as you can. If you are not sure of an exact date, then it is fine to give a year, or even an approximate date. Please be as specific about the place as you can; a county, townland, village or parish is good, while a full address is even better.

Please state the religion of your ancestor if known. If your ancestor was Christian, please provide their religious denomination if you know it. Common Christian denominations in Ireland include Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland (Episcopalian), Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker (Society of Friends), and other Dissenters (please specify, for example Plymouth Brethren, Moravian etc.). If you found this information in an official source then please state what the source was. If it is family knowledge then please state this.

Please include any information about what you ancestor did for a living here, and how you know about it. If you know this for a fact (i.e. you found it in a document) please give the source. If you know this based on family information then please mention this too. If your ancestor emigrated from Ireland, also mention what they did after the arrived at their destination.

If your ancestor emigrated from Ireland to another country, please include information such as the date of emigration. If you have additional information such as where your ancestor emigrated from and where to, which family members moved with them and whether your ancestor moved elsewhere after that, please include this in the ‘other relevant information’ section. Please explain where you found this information.

Please provide the date of death as accurately as possible. If you only know a year, or an approximate year then please state that this is approximate. If you know where your ancestor died, please give this information as fully as possible, i.e. a full address if you have it, otherwise a townland, town, village, parish or county.

Your Ancestor’s Parents and Siblings

If you know the names of your ancestor’s parents and siblings please include these here (if you know middle names, nicknames or maiden names these should be included). Also include any other relevant information, such as where they lived, what they did, when they were born, married or died.

Your Ancestors Spouse and Children

If your ancestor married (whether in Ireland or overseas), please enter the name of your ancestor’s husband or wife. Do include any middle names or nicknames they had. If your ancestor’s spouse was a woman, and you know her maiden name, please also include that.
If your ancestor married more than once, please enter details of both partners.
If you got this information from an official source, please let us know what it is e.g. marriage certificate, parish register. If you got it from family information please state this.

If you know the names of your ancestor’s spouse’s parents please include these here. Also include any other relevant information, such as where they lived, what they did, when they were born, married or died. If you know of any other children they had, please include this information here also.

Please enter the date of the marriage here (and where you got this information from). If you only have an approximate date this is fine, but please state that it is approximate.

Please enter the place of marriage – ideally the church, the parish or town and the county. If you can also let us know where you got this information this would be great.

Please provide the names and nicknames of any children your ancestor had, their dates of birth and place of birth if you know these – providing as much relevant information as you can. Even if you can’t provide definite years of birth, knowing the order of birth of all children can help us prepare your assessment.

Other Relevant Information

In this section you should provide any other information about your ancestors that is not provided elsewhere on the family profile. This may include:

  • Other information about the children of your Irish ancestor – for instance how many children there were in total and which child you are descended from.
  • Family stories e.g. ‘My family believes that my ancestor’s parents originated from Co. Clare’ or ‘My granny told me that my ancestor was involved in the 1798 rebellion but I have not been able to verify this.’
  • Family artefacts or heirlooms – perhaps you have a copy of a deed that mentions an ancestor and some other people with the same surname but you don’t know how they are related or maybe you have a silver jug with a coat of arms on it that your granny brought with her from “the old country”. All kinds of artefacts that belonged to your ancestors can provide clues to who they were and where they came from.
  • Hypotheses that you have developed e.g. ‘I looked at the 1901 census and found a John Murphy in the same townland who I think might be my great-grandfather, but I am not sure.’

Please provide details of the sources you have consulted so far to find out the information that is included in your family profile.
If you have any other records that you feel are pertinent to our research you can either scan and send these over to us or you can send legible photocopies in the post. (Please note, do not send original documents as these cannot be replaced if lost. If you have a lot of documents that you want us to sort through, please contact us in advance.)

Please let us know if there is something in particular you want our researchers to focus on – for instance maybe there is a particular family story you’d like us to verify.

Personal Information

Please include your name, your address, your telephone number and email address. We normally deal with clients via email as this allows a quicker response, so please let us know if you would prefer us to contact you by post.

By understanding how our clients came to hear of our services we are able to find ways of promoting our business more effectively in the future.