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Irish Lives Remembered Issue 60 (Summer 2023)

What is inside?

Welcome to the Summer 2023 issue

We're delighted to announce the latest issue of Irish Lives Remembered is now available to enjoy - a special extended issue to celebrate Irish diversity and remember our Irish LGBTQ+ lives. We also have our usual trove of genealogy stories and tips to help you with your research.
  • Elizabeth Cowan - “Her Faithful Comrade and Lifelong Friend”: Sapphic Revolutionaries of Twentieth Century Ireland
  • Christopher Fitz-Simon interview – Golden Gate: the Lifelong Love of Mícheál MacLiammóir and Hilton Edwards
  • Fiona Fitzsimons – Lily’s Lineage: the Savage Irish Ancestry of Paul O’Grady
  • Brigit McCone – Seeking Self: The Transcendental and Transgender Journey of Michael Dillon
  • Katharine Simms – Gay Gaels in the Middle Ages: Medieval Irish Attitudes to Homosexuality
  • Caitlin Bain – Preserving History: interview with Orla Egan, founder of Cork LGBT Archive
  • Donna Rutherford – Size Matters when working with DNA Matches!
  • Eamonn P. Kelly – Tobar na Molt: Aspects of solar religion in the cult of St. Íta
  • Film Reviews - Wilde Irish Biopics: Remembering Gay Irish Lives on Film
Regular columns: 
  • Dear Genie - Our Genealogists help you with your research block
  • Heritage Highlight - Cork Public Museum
  • Emerald Roots Interview – Caitlin Bain, co-host of the official IFHC podcast
  • The Four Courts Press Book Review & Excerpt – Edith Somerville: a biography by Gifford Lewis (2005)
  • The Genealogical Publishing Company Book Excerpt – A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards by Brian Mitchell (1990)

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