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The Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar for 1858

What is inside?

First published in 1858 and republished here in fully-searchable format is the twenty-six annual edition of the Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar for 1858. Printed and published in Dublin by Alexander Thomas & Co., although similar in style and content, this publication is not to be confused with Thom's own Irish Almanac and Official Directory, first published in 1843. The twenty-sixth edition of the Post Office Dublin Directory and Calendar contains just over 700 printed pages and can be seen as the complete official calendar and directory for Dublin for the year in which it was published. Beginning with an index to places in county Dublin, the Directory follows with a series of calendars for the year 1858. These include the calendars for law terms, university terms, religious feast days and festivals as well as solar and planetary information, such as the daily times for the rising and setting of the sun. The Calendars for 1858 is followed by the Official Directory of Government Departments. This forms and extensive section of the the directory providing the names and addresses of all of the principal public functionaries throughout Ireland not just Dublin. The section includes civil and civic offices such as poor law authorities, schools, universities, schools of medicine, etc. Separate sections of the Post Office Dublin Directory include the Law Directory - detailing all of barristers, solicitors, attorneys, proctors and commissioners of oaths. Also present is a Banking Directory, Post Office Directory and a Directory for Conveyances, which includes rails, carriage and mails. The bulk of the Post Office Dublin Directory is taken-up with the sections wholly treating on the City and Suburban areas of Dublin. Beginning with the directory, lists of all of the civic, civil, religious and educational establishments to be found throughout greater Dublin, there follows the extremely useful and valuable Dublin Street Directory. Identical to that published by Thom's in its Irish Almanac, this is a street-by-street directory of the city of Dublin, detailing each occupant or business together with the rateable valuation of the address. This section of the Post Office Dublin Directory contains some 150 printed pages listing tens of thousands of the city's residents and businesses. The County Dublin Directory contains topographical and statistical information on the chief towns and suburbs lying outside of the metropolis. Beginning with Artane and Donneycarney and ending with Williamstown, this provides the names and addresses of many of the chief residents and trades people in a total of 53 suburban towns and villages. In the case of some of the larger suburban areas such as Rathmines, Kingstown and Bray street directories are also provided. The Post Office Dublin Directory is concluded with a list of the nobility, gentry, merchants and traders in the city of Dublin and its vicinity as well an alphabetical trades' directory, for many contemporary readers the most pertinent and read sections of any useful directory. These two sections alone constitute some 200-pages. The Post Office Dublin Directory for 1858 is concluded with an alphabetical list of advertisers that appear throughout the publication. Republished in full-searchable format the Post Office Dublin Directory must be one of the most useful directories for any Irish genealogist or family historian for period that the publication treats and is not to be missed. 

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