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Trace your ancestors in Ireland and across oceans.

Tracing your family history is a journey of discovery. Find your own family heroes, and claim your heritage!

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The Irish Family History Centre have the experts and resources to help you trace your family story. We provide expert advice, access to the records, and research if required.

We can provide the skills and supports to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a new-comer to family history or an experienced researcher, our experts will benefit your research.

We listen closely to what your main interests are in tracing your Irish roots.

We have a deep knowledge of original sources and archives, and can deliver results when no-one else can.

We can guide your research to achieve specific goals, for example tracing the old family home or searching for living relatives.

About us

We are Irish genealogists who love what we do!

Every business will tell you they're the best, but let us tell you why we think we are, and why you can trust us with your research!

We are the largest and most successful genealogy company in Ireland and the U.K. We grew out of the School of History in Trinity College, Dublin. Our family historians combine university qualifications and experience.

Renowned genealogist Fiona Fitzsimons leads our research team and sets the standard for our research output. Fiona and her team are responsible for tracing over 15,000 research commissions, including the Irish heritage of U.S. President Obama.

We are trusted to deliver excellence in research to our clients. In 2013 Eneclann genealogists gave a face-to-face presentation to Michelle Obama, and her daughters Malia & Sasha in Trinity College Dublin.

Our researchers know the sources, archives and libraries that hold the records relevant to your Irish family history. We've completed the Irish research for multiple episodes of Who Do You Think You Are; Faces of America; Finding Your Roots; and the Genealogy Roadshow (U.S.).

We love what we do, researching to provide answers to your family-history questions. Trust us to document the paper-trail to your ancestry.

Meet the experts

Fiona Fitzsimons

Director, Research & PR Director

Fiona Fitzsimons is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, a historical expert and entrepreneur. Since 1996 she's developed our historical research department, setting high standards for all our re...

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Stephen Peirce

Case Manager

Stephen graduated with a degree in History from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. His undergraduate dissertation Money, Murder and Moonshine charted the effect of illicit distillation (poteen brewing) o...

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Carmel Gilbride

Research Manager

As Research Manager Carmel ensures the delivery of a first rate research service for clients who wish to accurately trace their Irish ancestry. Combining an aptitude for administration with the skills...

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Helen Moss

Senior Researcher

Helen did her BSc in Human Communication, then working for the journalist and author, Bruce Arnold, before joining Eneclann. She was research assistant on Bruce Arnold's biography of Jack Yeats, a...

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"To actually have it all there in black and white was amazing."
Nicholas, Ireland
"I gave my father a unique seventieth birthday gift – his family history!"
Niav, Ireland

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