Who we are.


Dublin-based Eneclann is the leading provider of Irish history and heritage services.

Established in 1998, the award-winning company’s offerings include historical and genealogical research, digitisation and digital publishing services, and archives and records management.

Eneclann’s customer base ranges from individuals to public institutions and private companies. Customers are located within Ireland and across the Irish Diaspora of 80 million people.

Eneclann is known for having traced President Barack Obama’s Irish ancestry to the late 17th century and the company’s research has featured in programmes such as Faces of America and Who Do You Think You Are?

In May 2011 Eneclann formed findmypast.ie, a joint venture with brightsolid, the online publishing and technology group.

For further information about the company see About Eneclann.

Our Brand Identity

Eneclann [en’eklaN]

The honour price ascribed to an individual as a measure of his/her status, recorded in the early Irish Law tracts. The honour price had to be paid for any major offence committed against an individual, e.g. murder, satire, serious injury, refusal of hospitality, theft, violation of protection etc. Corpus Juris Hiberniae 347.27-348.11.
[from Fergus Kelly, A Guide to Early Irish Law (Dublin, 1988)]

Our Logo
1998 – 2011

eneclann old logo

Our original logo was developed in 1998 and incorporated the Trinity Knot symbol, as a reference to Eneclann’s ties with Trinity College, and because it is associated with Ireland. The three elements of the Trinity Knot, presented in three different shades of brown, reflected Eneclann’s three core teams (Historical and Genealogical Research, Archives and Records Management & Digitisation and Digital Publications). The Celtic typeface emphasised Eneclann’s Irish origins and client base.

Following a review of our branding in 2011, we decided that the original identity needed to be developed further, in line with the Eneclann’s own evolution. In 2011 we updated Eneclann’s brand identity, including the logo, website, newsletters and other marketing materials.

Current Logo

eneclann new logo

This logo presents a new way of using the Trinity Knot. It is contained within a diamond, which signifies a precious item of high quality – historical records are valuable and need to be protected.

The colours used within the diamond signify the different teams within Eneclann. They overlap and form other colours within the shape, symbolising the interactive nature of our teams and their ability to produce new areas of expansion and development.The typeface is a modern interpretation of traditional Irish uncial faces.