Archival Services.



Properly processed archival collections are part of our cultural heritage, but are also valuable for a variety of current social and organisational purposes:

  • They enable informed planning and decision-making
  • They provide evidence of rights, entitlements
  • They also support information reporting, audit, review and accountability mechanisms
  • Above all they provide continuity and accountability.

The benefits of having your archival collections processed are and include:

  • Cost saving
  • Increases in organisational efficiencies
  • Knowing what is there
  • Preservation
  • Greater interoperability
  • Better access for research
  • Outreach

(Our) Archival Services

Eneclann’s archives team have extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. They are members of the Archives and Records Association and hold postgraduate qualifications in Archives and Records Management. Our experience covers all aspects of archives, including:


We can develop strategy documents for you, defining archival policy and recommending a detailed course of action which may include:

  • Collection surveys
  • Archive development plans
  • Staffing/training
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Technology solutions
  • Advice on the design of proper archival facilities

Collection Processing

One of the core skills of an archivist is collection processing. Our archivists have a wide range of experience listing and arranging collections in several formats including paper and parchment, photographic collections and audio-visual material. We can produce finding aids in traditional descriptive list format or databases for computer-based searches.


We can carry out basic preservation management for you such as drying, removal of staples/tags, decontamination and the flattening and storage of documents in high quality acid-free folders and boxes. We can also advise on more advanced conservation and rebinding.

Disaster Recovery

Eneclann’s experience in the area of disaster recovery of archival material has given us the full range of heritage, archival and project management sills necessary for appropriate disaster recovery intervention.


This is the ideal solution for increasing access to collections of source material held in libraries, museums and archives. Eneclann has considerable experience in the digitisation of historical material. Found out more about our digitisation services here.

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