Hidden Gems.

An important feature of family history, is the where of our ancestors.  Once we can locate our ancestors in a time and place, we then usually want to know more about the place. This is where local and family history can combine.  The Federation of Local Histories can be a useful source for family historians.  If we have exhausted all that the documents can provide, exploring the locality of our ancestors can be a useful way of learning about the lives our families lived.  The Federation of Local Histories have joined forces with the Federation for Ulster Local Studies to produce the website


Hidden Gems


The idea behind this website is to collate information on lesser known but none the less interesting places in Ireland.  You just might find something of interest about your ancestor’s place of origin. Equally some of you may be inspired to write about something little known about your own area. Who knows, it may just be the piece that some fellow family historian is looking for.

By Carmel Gilbride

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