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Irish Lives Remembered Issue 49 Summer 2020

What is inside?

Register and colour photographs of a woman and of a man on cover. Joe Biden's Irish Ancestors; The Surnames of Co. Tipperary; The Future of Ancient DNA and Red Hugh O’Donnell; How a 1954 Traffic Accident Revealed Medieval Athboy (Co. Meath); Matilda Cullen Knowles (1864–1933): A Pioneer of Irish Botany; Brian Boru and the World of DNA; Mary Mallon, better known as ‘Typhoid Mary’: A Lesson for Our Time?; The God of Wisdom and the Origins of the Legendary Hero Fionn mac Cumhaill; Select Academic Publications Relevant to Irish Genetic Genealogy on the ISOGG Website; Whitecross Farm in Co. Louth and family in Tyrone; Felix W. McGettrick and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

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