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Irish Lives Remembered Issue 61

What is inside?

Welcome to the Autumn/Winter 2024 issue

We're delighted to announce the latest issue of Irish Lives Remembered is now available to enjoy! As always, we offer you a wealth of articles on Irish lives, recent and distant, and a trove of genealogy tips to help you with your research.
  • Mike Feerick - Chuck Feeney: An Appreciation
  • Fiona Fitzsimons – Remembering Chuck Feeney: the Entrepreneur Philanthropist’s Longford Lineage
  • Cara Eiwanger – The Myth of Irish-American Acceptance in the Mid-nineteenth Century
  • Donna Rutherford – A Deep Dive into Ethnicity Estimates
  • Rob Flanagan Stieglitz – Case Study: Resolving the Mystery of My Ancestor Thomas Tighe’s Birthdate
  • Eamonn P. Kelly – The mysterious Bishop Erc: Saint and Sun God, Part One
  • Katharine Simms – Saints and Scholars: the Keenan/O’Keenan Clan and Other Hereditary Historians
  • Brigit McCone – Doctoring Dynasties: The Legacy of Irish Medicine in Africa
  • Deirdre Powell – The Irish Family Legacy of Mathematical Genius George Boole
  • Elizabeth Cowan - “Send you kisses”: Sapphic Revolutionaries, part 2
  • Timothy Murtagh – Henrietta Street: From Townhouse to Tenement
Regular columns: 
  • Dear Genie - Our Genealogists help you with your research block
  • Heritage Highlight - Strokestown Park’s National Famine Museum
  • Emerald Roots Interview – Kayleigh Bealin, Research Manager, Eneclann
Books and Films:
  • Four Courts Press Book Excerpt – Medieval Dublin XIX edited by Seán Duffy (2023)
  • Four Courts Press Book Excerpt – Marsden Haddock and the Androides by Neil Cronin (2023)
  • Genealogical Publishing Company Book Excerpt – A Guide to Irish Parish Registers by Brian Mitchell (1988)

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