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Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland. Volume I 1888-1891, 1892

What is inside?

The Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead was born out of Philip D. Vigors fervour to honour the dead by preserving the tomb and headstones that marked where a person or family’s’ remains were interred. Through the enlistment of willing participants in this endeavour the Association compiled an impressive catalogue of volumes, dating from 1888-1934, pertaining to the engravings and epitaphs that so reverently evoked a families’ memories of a loved one(s) who had passed. The engravings were captured in the form of etchings or drawings diligently carried out by the volunteers and members of the Association are reproduced in the Volumes. The Volumes are, as Vigors wrote himself, ‘a record of those who have gone before us’. These volumes are undoubtedly an invaluable resource for those who are carrying out family history research. Volume I covers the years 1888-1891 and features Vigors report on the first year of the Association’s existence and the work it had carried out to date. He outlined the seven ‘chief objects’ current and future members were to be aware of when carrying out their work and to name but a few; I To endeavour to preserve and protect the tombs, monuments, and Memorials of the Dead in our churches and burial-grounds. II To secure a record of existing tombs and monuments of interest, with their inscriptions, etc., and to obtain such information as is possible regarding others that may have been removed or destroyed. III To watch carefully works on, in and about churches so as to prevent injury to monuments and tombstones. Etc. Along with this report there are the lists of subscribers for 1888-1891, reports from counties in alphabetical order for each year, editor’s note, an index for the entire volume and lastly addenda et corrigenda. There are two ways in which the reader can search through this PDF version one of which is to find the counties by using the bookmarks that have been created and secondly a freetext search. The freetext search option may not always be 100% accurate hence the provision of bookmarks.

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