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Registers of the French Non-Conformist Churches Dublin 1701-1831

What is inside?

The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland was founded in 1885 in order to promote the exchange of information about the Huguenots in Great Britain and Ireland. "They also aimed to form a bond of fellowship among those who, whether or not of Huguenot descent, respect and admire the Huguenots and seek to perpetuate their memory". Fifty-Nine Volumes of the Quarto series were published up to 1990. This series includes many of the Parish Registers of the Huguenot Churches. This title "Registers of the French Non-Conformist Churches of Lucy Lane and Peter Street, Dublin" is Volume XIV of this series. Edited by Thomas Philip Le Fanu and published in 1901, only 450 copies of this volume were ever printed. Le Fanu's introduction is both detailed and highly informative, explaining the meaning behind the title of Non-Conformist Church and the relationship with the Conformed Church, the nature of the records he used to compile this volume, as well as touching on the history of the Huguenot churches in Dublin. The time periods covered and the approximate numbers of records are: Baptisms (1701-1731) - 580 Marriages (1702-1731) - 70 Deaths (1702-1731) - 225 Burials (1771-1831) - 375. Please be aware all the actual records are in French, although most of the genealogical information can be easily extracted.

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