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Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 3 vols (1st Edition, 1837)

What is inside?

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland is the first detailed study of its kind for Ireland. It was published in 1837, before the Famine (1845-50), so it is very important for historians and genealogists of the early nineteenth century. Lewis gives details about every parish, town and village in Ireland, including numbers of inhabitants, the economy, history, topography, religion and parish structures, administration and courts, schools, and much more. He also gives the names of the principal inhabitants (generally landlords, merchants and professionals). This Dictionary is in four parts: ·Preface & Subscribers ·Volume 1: A-G ·Volume 2: H-Z ·Volume 3: Maps The Maps are in full colour, making this source one of the most important for research on Ireland. The copy used for this publication was formerly owned by one of Ireland's best known genealogists, Brian Cantwell.

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