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The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times, No. 1117 Vol. 43, December 2 1882

What is inside?

First Published in October 1861 The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times was the cheaper cousin to the more illustrious and ground-breaking Illustrated London News, which cost six pence. Costing just a penny (1d) The Penny Illustrated Paper promised to be the friend of the people. Each issue was filled with sketches, graphically bringing the world news to the reader, as well as opinion pieces, gossip and a small section of advertising. This edition, from December 2nd, 1882, deals with the opening of the new Palace of Justice, in the Strand, London, as well as its architect, the late George Street. Also included is the report of the killing of a Police Constable in Dublin, by Fenians. One of those arrested was a tailor called Ryan who had served with the American Army.

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